Is Exercise or Counting Calories Better for Weight Loss?

What should you prioritize on your weight loss journey? There are three components that you can focus on that will make a big difference in how much weight can be lost; Counting calories, strength training and cardio! These components are all important  but they are not created equal. Here is a little breakdown:

Counting Calories
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Logging your food intake is the most important component of your day to day weight loss progress.  Figure out between you and your weight loss provider what a safe calorie deficit will be for your current lifestyle. Follow these guidelines consistently and the weight will come off. Make sure your re-adjust your goals as you lose the weight. A great resource is MyFitnessPal. This app will guide you in your food logging and help keep you on track.

Counting your calories and macros is vital for weight loss, but it takes more that just that to be strong and healthy. In other words, exercise is very important.


Strength Training

No matter what your age or whether or not you are trying to lose weight, strength training is the best exercise.  When you are strength training you are investing in denser bones, better posture, stronger ligaments and tendons and more muscle to burn calories.  Personal strength has a direct effect on how you handle your environment. The stronger you are, the easier day to day tasks become. Climbing up stairs, raking leaves or carrying groceries does not seem to be as much of a burden on the body. Preserving muscles for later life will help delay the need for assistance with these daily chores.  Muscle is what keeps us moving.


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Cardiovascular exercise is very important to our health, and should be added into a healthy balanced lifestyle. Cardio should be performed at least twice weekly, whether it is high intensity interval training or low intensity steady-state cardio.



To sum it up, the best place to start is by calorie counting. Make sure your daily caloric allowance is at a healthy and safe deficit. Adding strength training will help you maintain your muscle mass currently as well as in the future. Good health does come at the cost of energy, time, money, sacrifice and hard work. Just keep in mind the cost in the future will be much greater if you do not commit now.






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