7 Weight Loss Mistakes

Obesity specialists have seen it all when it comes to weight loss including all the craziest of fad diets. We are all hoping for that quick fix and immediate gratification in achieving our ultimate weight loss success. This mindset often leads to mistakes that eventually hinder the long term goal.


Is it possible to avoid some of these mistakes that inevitably occur on your weight loss journey?  Yes… but first you need to be able to recognize the pitfalls.  Here are some tips to stay on course:


1.Cheat DaysCheat day pic

Establishing cheat days as a way to stay motivated is common practice when dieting. But they can actually trigger us to fall off track and derail the healthy habits we are trying to practice. Treat yourself to a meal rather than a whole “cheat day”. It is easier to jump back on the wagon of healthy eating if it is one meal vs. an entire day of indulging.

2. Rules

Overwhelming yourself with rules will only make the process of losing weight that much harder. Each day your schedule may change due to life’s variances. Create simple rules that are easy to follow on any schedule. Such as stop eating 2 hours before bedtime. In this way, you can have a healthy snack in the evening and not feel deprived before bed.

3. Thinking about Only Short Term Results

Short term cleanse and fad diets are not the answer. These type of diets can slow down your metabolism and make it even more difficult to keep the weight off. Stick to diets that are full of healthy eating. Drink plenty of water and cut back on the alcohol and soda.

4. Not Eating Enough

Small portion of food on big plate on wooden table close-up

People often make the mistake that the less food you eat, the better. Skipping meals is not the answer.  Instead, try waking up earlier, go to bed later, plan and prep your meals daily or weekly and bring your gym clothes to work with you. Do anything that will keep you motivated to your weight loss commitment.

5. Not Journaling Your Intake

All Obesity Specialists will tell you that not keeping track of your daily food intake is a common weight loss downfall.  Keeping a food log not only keeps you honest with yourself, but it gives you the big picture on your overall intake.  You can make necessary changes when you have these food intake logs in front of you. It guides you to help establish what is working for you and what is simply not. Tracking your food keeps you accountable. It is very easy to dismiss all of the food you consume in a day if you do not keep track.

6. Overeating Clean Foods

When dieting, some individuals think that as long as they are eating clean or organic, the calories do not account.  It is easy to overdo eating healthy foods such as seeds, nuts and dried fruit. They are great sources of vitamins and minerals but eating too many may pack on the pounds.  Make sure you are measuring out the appropriate portions.

7. Focusing Only On Your Weight

One of the biggest mistakes in weight loss is measuring success with only numbers on a scale.  Not everyone drops pounds quickly and success can come in many forms. No snacking throughout the day, cutting portions, learning to say no without feeling deprived, learning to say yes and not feel guilty,  and balancing our meals are all measures that need to be applauded. Talk to yourself in a positive manner and build yourself up each time you make a sensible food choice. This will assist with the weight loss journey and give you a bump of self esteem.


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