Why Do You Snack More at Night?


 Do the Munchies Strike you at Midnight?   

Are you a Late Night Refrigerator Raider?


This ravenous desire to devour is due to the reward center of the brain being less receptive in the evening. This leads to eating more high-calorie junk food at night to feel satisfied.

Brain craving bad food pic

In the morning, the human body is driven to eat because fuel is needed to energize the body. At night, when your body is shutting down from a long day, it would make sense that food would not be as rewarding.


Your brain craves the “high” that food provides when eaten during the day.  Therefore; at night, you end up needing to eat more to feel satisfied. Now you know why it seems so easy to throw back a box of cookies or a pint of ice cream in the evening and still feel like you want more!



You Do Not Have to Feel Powerless to these Evening Temptations.

Keep those tempting treats out of sight. This may make you less likely to over consume after dinner snacks. Store these snack items in a cabinet so that you do not see them. Do not leave them on the counter to taunt you.


Out of Sight – Out of MindJunk food in drawer pic


Try fast forwarding through any type of food commercials when you are watching your DVR…  It is a strategy to avoid feeling over-stimulated and over-eating.


If you tend to feel famished at night, try to choose a healthier option!


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