What Workout Plan is Right For You?

Do you question what type of workout can deliver the results that you are looking for but also incentivize you enough to perform the workouts to get the results? Everyone struggles with this question at some point in their fitness journey. The key is to find something you actually enjoy doing that will keep you consistent and excited. This could mean that you switch up your workout every week or take a daily power walk. You need to find something that is realistic to your life and easily accessible so you have no excuse not to do it! Here are some ideas.


  1. Goal Seekertraining for a race pic

Train for a 5k or 10k in your area. This is something you can train for that may be slightly out of reach. Just be realistic about your goal: If you have never run before, 6.2 miles may be way too much for your first time. The initial act of registering for the event and paying the fee will hold you accountable and make you more motivated towards your goal. At this point you can create a training plan that works with your fitness lifestyle and level. Give yourself at least 12 weeks to train for the event. Put these workouts into your calendars with automatic reminders so that you can stay on track with your training. When you cross that finish line, celebrate your accomplishments and set your next even bigger goal.


2. Bored Easy

People that tend to get bored in their workout routines need to mix it up! If the idea of hitting the treadmill makes you cringe, you may be the type of person that needs a little more variety in their training. Performing different exercises throughout the week will keep you on your toes and allow you to strengthen different parts of your body. Set up a loose schedule for yourself so that you stay on track. You might have some fun in the process.


3. Super Socialgroup cycle class pic

Join a group fitness program such as a cycle studio, swimming team, running club or CrossFit. Being involved in a group fitness program not only keeps the atmosphere fun but it also holds you accountable. It is way more obvious when you skip or blow off a group class than it is if you are working out solo.  The group class atmosphere is also encouraging when the workouts get tough! You have people cheering you on and motivating you.


4. Too Busy

Get it out of the way at home!  Invest in a few items so that it will make it easier to work out at home. Purchase items such as a yoga mat, light free weights, medicine balls or kettlebells. Schedule out 30 minutes of at home time to sweat it out. Track your workouts and progress. This will keep you on track and keep you focused and motivated.


5. Get Stressed EasilyYoga class pic

Time for a moment of Zen. There are obvious choices such as Pilates and Yoga where you will be forced to slow down for a moment and focus in on your breathing. This will keep you in tune with your body and create a great mind-body connection. But there are other activities that can also provide peace that have an added cardio boost. Try swimming laps or hiking. Whatever you do, do not skip your workouts. Studies have shown that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can help decrease anxiety.




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