What Can Cause a Weight Loss Plateau?

Have you ever experienced  a weight-loss plateau? We all know how disappointing it can be to step on the scale after another long week of eating right and exercising only to see the exact same number! For days and sometimes even weeks, your weight may not decrease even after making valiant efforts to eat better and exercise more! You feel like you’re wasting your time.The truth of the matter is that weight-loss plateaus can happen to just about everyone. In order to overcome the plateau, it is important to understand why they occur. Here are three contributing factors:

1. Your Body Doesn’t Burn Fatman on scale pic

A down side of losing weight is that the human body does not just burn fat for energy, it breaks down muscles as well. Unlike fat, muscles burn calories. Losing muscle will slow the rate at which you use up energy from food. This of course also impacts weight loss and is part of the reason that cutting down on too many calories can work against you. The body will break down those valuable muscles at a faster rate. To help you get through and offset this happening, learn why protein is good for weight loss and how to optimize your carbohydrate, fat, and protein goals.

2. Water Weight Returns

Dropping weight quickly is normal during the first few weeks of weight loss, but what you may not realize is that the majority of that weight lost is water. As carbohydrate intake fluctuates on a day to day basis, it is not uncommon for some or all of the water weight to return, which can offset fat loss and cause a plateau.

3. You Burn Less, When You Weight Less

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When you become a smaller person you expend less energy than when you were a larger person. This basically means that the same number of calories that produced an initial weight loss, only maintain your current weight. To continue losing weight, you will have to increase the calories you burn by reducing the number of calories that you are consuming or increasing physical activity.


Just remember, it is completely normal to lose weight slowly or even stall on occasion, so do not become discouraged. Having this knowledge on weight loss plateaus will help you devise a plan of attack if and when the number on the scale stops dropping.


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