The Journey into Wellness – Mrs. California, Marilyn O'Halloran

My Personal Journey into Wellness

For multiple years of my life I have struggled with anxiety, depression and weight issues. When I almost lost my youngest son, in a near fatal drowning incident last year, I developed a new appreciation for life with his survival and full recovery. This experience created an inner strength that changed my perspective for the better. I became motivated and started reevaluating my values and  priorities.

Marilyn Ohalloran Before and After PicI made the decision to win the battle for which I struggled with for so many years. I became focused and adapted a healthier lifestyle to improve my well-being and self-image. I took the proper steps in getting the help I needed to make a difference for myself. I began seeing a counselor and began a weight management program. I chose Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness where we evaluated my options based on my weight loss goals and chose the plan that suited me best.

In the past year, I have successfully lost a total of 70 pounds. I have more confidence than ever before. I thought that losing the weight was amazing enough but then something incredible happened! At the age of thirty-seven and mother of three beautiful children , I was given the opportunity to participate in a beauty pageant. I am now the state title holder of Mrs. California US Continental 2014. This July, I will be heading to Florida to compete for the national title.

No matter what the outcome may be, I have already won what matters most to me. I triumphed over the anxiety, depression and weight issues that often plagued my existence for the last ten years. I credit the doctors and staff at Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness for the jump start into my weight loss success and the support and guidance they have continued to provide me along the way. For me, there is no greater accomplishment than how I feel today.

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