Vanity vs. Health – The Battle of Losing Weight

Health or Vanity are the two most popular reasons for wanting to lose weight. Each reason has its benefits and drawbacks but they are very strong reasons when an individual is driven. Different reasons for weight loss hold different goals, which lead to different methods.



Achieving GoalsFitness and weight loss pic

A strong contrast between vanity and health in weight loss is determining when the weight loss goal has been met. For those that are on a weight loss journey for health reasons,  FITNESS is the real true goal, so even minimal weight loss is acceptable. For those focused on vanity, there is sometimes a specific target weight that needs to be achieved to define success. The American Journal of Public Health explains that for those focusing on health, weight loss should not be considered the major factor, except in extreme cases. Vanity, however, has more to do with being a certain size more than anything else.



Feeling Good – Confidence

The main goal for individuals concentrating on losing weight for health reasons is to feel proud of themselves. Those that are focused on losing weight for vanity tend to focus more on the way Confidence in fitness pictheir body looks. Some studies have shown that dieting with the intent to lose weight does not lead to feelings of well-being or self-satisfaction. What this means is that for those individuals focusing on vanity, losing weight will not make them feel proud of themselves. A separate study reported that individuals who focus on the health goal of losing weight are also unlikely to satisfy their vanity compulsions.





Lasting Results

People that approach weight loss with the goal of better health have a completely different track record in long term benefits than those who approach weight loss out of vanity alone. The Lasting weight loss results picUniversity of Michigan reported that those focusing on health alone lose less weight than those who are losing weight out of vanity. The participants of this study who were focused on weight loss to better their health were able to keep the benefits of their fitness for several years after. The vain dieters were only able to maintain results for less than one year before regaining the lost weight plus additional weight.





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