Tips to Tame a Ferocious Appetite

Just because you think you’re hungry doesn’t mean you really are. And eating the wrong foods at the wrong time can pack on the extra pounds. Here are some tips to help control those hunger pangs and stay on track to achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Do NOT Dwell on Mistakes

Every once and awhile you may over-indulge. Do not dwell on it and make yourself feel guilty. One slip up does not define your diet, and do not feel like you have failed. Tip: Follow a cheat/slip up day with at least 5 healthy meals or snacks. This will ensure that you are eating right more than 80% of the time.

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  • Recognize Hunger

Do you have a craving for sweets an hour after a meal? If you do, imagine a large juicy steak instead of tempting sugary treats. If you are still hungry when you think about the steak and the steak sounds delicious, and you should eat. If it does not sound good, your brain may be playing tricks on you. Tip: Change your environment. This could be as easy as going for a quick walk outside or focusing on task.


  • Spring Clean your Cabinets

Eliminate snacks that do not match your diet. Clean out your fridge and cupboards and then restock them with nuts, fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheeses, and canned tuna! If you do this you are less likely to hit a drive thru or a vending machine.


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  • More Motivation

If your diet’s ONLY purpose is for physical appearance, it may be hard to stick with for the long haul. You will need to seek out additional motivators. Discover all the health benefits of eating and exercise. Do this little by little during your journey to keep the motivation alive!


  • Eat Breakfast

After sleeping 6 to 8 hours, and getting ready to start your day, it is not wise to skip breakfast. You are starting your day on empty, no fuel. This will send you out desperately looking for sugar as you start running on fumes. Just remember, the most convenient foods are the ones you should be avoiding. They are usually packed with sugar or unhealthy fats. Fuel your body the best way and make a healthy breakfast at home before heading out!



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