Tips to Keep your Family Eating Healthy

Today’s lifestyle is hectic and it often leaves us struggling to maintain healthy eating habits while always on the go! Here are some quick tips to help you and your family eat healthy in this fast-paced world.

  1. Pack School Lunches for your Childrenhealthy packed lunch pic

You will cringe if you read what they are serving our children in some of the school cafeterias. Packing a lunch is the best healthy alternative .Make it easier on yourself by doing most of the preparation the night before, so the kids can grab and go in the morning. Pack their lunches with whole grains, fruits, lean/natural meats and healthy snacks, such as veggies, nuts, and dried fruit.

  1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast that is both Quick and Easy

Throw away that sugar packed breakfast cereal and trade it in for a great-tasting, all natural, organic cereal. Or better yet, whip up some breakfast smoothies and let your child sip on it in route to school.

  1. Keep Healthy Snacks in the Car

Keep some non-perishable healthy snacks in the car for when your little ones are hungry on the road. Individually-packaged snacks like dried nuts and dried fruits.

  1. Bring a Cooler on Long Road Tripshealthy cooler pic

Fill up your cooler with healthy lunches, snacks, and drinks before a long road trip. This will help avoid swinging by the fast food drive thru in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Know Your Meal Options

These days, there are a lot of healthy options for meals even if you have to make a quick stop. Natural food stores such as Whole Foods and trader Joe’s have items pre-made and ready to eat. Even most grocery stores have a salad bar or healthier pre-made items in the deli section.

  1. The Freezer is your Friend

We all have those favorite family dishes that the kids adore. If the meals are safe to be placed in a vacuum-sealed container and put in the freezer, the meals will often keep for several weeks. If you are taking the time to make a healthy home cooked meal, why not take the time to make a few extra batches and freeze them? This comes in handy on those busy evenings full of kid’s activities. This way the family is still getting a nutritious, home-cooked meal.

  1. Make the Time for Sit-Down Mealseating healthy as a family pic

As hard as everyone’s schedules may be, try your best to have at least one sit-down meal each day.  It helps strengthen the family bond, it helps children learn the importance of taking time to be with people they love, and even the picker eaters are more apt to try new foods if they see their siblings doing the same thing. It is a win, win situation.


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