Tips for Working Out in the Morning – Motivation

The best part of exercising in the morning is that it frees up your evenings. It also leaves fewer excuses for missing a workout and helps you to feel more alert during the day. Research shows that morning workouts can improve sleep, productivity, acuity, as well as have a positive affect on your diet and exercise routine. The hard part is getting out of bed! If you want to become more of a morning exerciser, here are some tips that may help!

 Ease into the Routinerunning in the morning pic

If you have never exercised in the morning, do not start right off the bat and sign up for a 6am class 5 days in a row! Start slowly by scheduling one morning workout per day when you have something fun planned in the evening that you would like to attend. Knowing that you cannot put off the workout until the evening may give you more incentive to get out of bed and get down to business. Once you are comfortable with the one day a week morning routine, bump it to 2 days a week. Gradually your body will get used to sweating before the 7am hour.

Put Your Workout Schedule on the Calendar

This is a visual aid that will help you regardless if you are working out in the mornings or the evenings, but building your day around a morning workout really does give you less excuses to skip out. Besides getting a horrible night’ sleep, there not many things that should get in the way of getting up and working out. When creating your weekly workout schedule, keep in mind your events , travel plans and work deadlines so that you can make these busy days your rest days!

Find a Workout Friendwork out with friends pic

It is a lot harder to skip a morning workout if you have someone counting on you to show up. No one wants to be known as the person that bails! This will give you added motivation to get going in the morning.

 Know Your Morning Workout Routine Before Going to Bed

Workout agendas maximize efficiency by eliminating wasted minutes spent on debating which exercise you will perform next. This will allow you to budget just the right amount of time that you will need in the morning to fit in your workout. It also prevents you from dozing off and going back to sleep if you are thinking about what exercises you are doing.

Lay Out Clothes the Night Before

This action alone is a sign that you are committed to getting out of bed to exercise in the morning. It takes the guesswork out of an early morning, which can be complicated when your groggy from just waking up. Also, if you are sleeping next to a significant other, they will appreciate not hearing you fumble around in the dark as you are looking for attire.

Pack your Gym Bag the Night BeforeLay out your workout clothes before bed pic

You are much less likely to forget critical items if this is done the night before. Especially, if you are showering at the gym. Forgetting deodorant or your underwear can cause for an unpleasant day!

Think Positive Thoughts

When your alarm goes off in the morning, do not lay there and dwell on how much you would rather fall back asleep or how tired you are. Instead, focus on how much free time you will have getting the workout done earlier or how great you will feel because you are sticking to your goal. Remember, the only workouts you regret are the ones you do not do.


Sleep deprivation is the largest culprit of missed workouts. It will get the best of you every time. So, get a good nights rest!

Working out in the morning is not for everyone but if you want to change your routine and switch to the mornings, it is entirely possible. You need to make it a healthy habit with enough preparation, planning and positive thinking as possible.

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