Tips for Feeling Fuller on Less Calories

It is amazing when you are tracking your calories to see how they can really add up, but that is part of the beauty of calorie counting. When you start logging your calorie intake you become aware of your choices and you can make better decisions about your food choices. But sometimes it can also be discouraging to see the numbers add up so quickly when you are not feeling satisfied. Feeling full and satisfied while you are losing pounds is important for long term success. Here are some tips to helping you stay fuller within your calorie goals during your weight loss journey.

Bulky Foods with Low CaloriesBulky Foods Pic

Focus on foods with high volume but with low calories that contain fiber and water like fruits and vegetables. High fiber foods will help slow down absorption and make fullness last linger.


Fat, Fiber and Protein

When you sit down to eat make sure there is plenty of fiber on your plate to make you feel full. Also be sure to choose foods that contain the macronutrients protein and fat because they will make you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time.


One Plate

Eating one plate of food helps your brain register that you have eaten an adequate amount. Make sure your plate is half full of vegetables, a quarter with a starch and another quarter with protein.

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Eat Slowly

Enjoy your meals and snacks by slowing down. Try using smaller utensils, chew your food or add some spices!


Do Not Get Distracted

Distractions can cause you to overeat. By decreasing your distractions at meal time, it is easier to pay attention and mindfully eat. By doing this it is easier to recognize when you are full and satisfied.


Break before Seconds

When you have consumed enough food that you are both satisfied and full without discomfort, recognize the feeling. Stop there, allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes before grabbing seconds, because they may not be necessary. Most of the time, you will notice the desire for seconds dissipates if you allow yourself that break.

Hydration pic

Hydration is your Friend

Sipping on water before, during and after meals can help you stay more in tune with your hunger, fullness and help your overall health. Proper hydration is important for assisting your body in normal function.


Listen to Your Body

Take the time to tune into the present moment and identify your body’s fullness cues. Individuals experience fullness cues differently, but here are a few common indicators: taking a breath mid-meal, food stops tasting as good as it did when you first began eating, placing your fork down, or feeling satisfied.



Food logging and calorie counting is a great way to gain insight into your eating behaviors and routines. This will also hold you accountable for your food choices and eating habits.  It is important to feel full, content and satisfied when reducing your calories.  Hopefully these ideas will help you in the process!



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