Thinking About Thanksgiving

Food guilt after Thanksgiving Dinner can be overwhelming. Do you worry how many calories you will be consuming at holiday dinner or at all the dinner parties you will attend that day?

Here are some basic mindful eating tips to help you on this Thanksgiving holiday!


1. Sit Down: Simple, right? But in reality, how many of us take a plate of food and nibble until you have found a seat? It is harder to enjoy food when you are standing up and are not relaxed. Do
not even take a bite until your behind is in a seat.

 2. Take Home Leftovers: If you tend to overeat because you enjoy delicious holiday foods, come equipped with your own doggie bag. Do not mindlessly eat if you know you can save it and really enjoy it later.Find a seat pic


3.Choose 3 Things: It is likely that on the holiday you look forward to having the foods you do not normally eat. Pick the 3 foods that you want the most. For example cranberry sauce, sweet potato, and turkey.  What do you love about the 3 foods that you have chosen? Taste? Smell? Texture? Savor the three foods you have chosen and you will be more likely to cut out the filler foods like dinner rolls. Stick to what you love on the HOLIDAY, not what you can have any day.

3 traditional thanksgiving foods pic


4. Comfort Yourself: Holidays can be both stressful and exciting. Find ways to comfort yourself, so you do not turn to the calories for comfort.


5. Games and Photos: Let’s face it, food is the main event on the Thanksgiving holiday. It makes it incredibly easy to overeat. So bring a distraction like a board game, camera, or even photos from past years for everyone to look over.


6. Triggers: Try and figure out what triggers you on the holiday to eat. Do you tend to nibble mindlessly? Do you eat due to stress? Strategize your eating plan around these triggers so that you         do not sabotage yourself. For example, if you mindlessly eat what is in front of you, take your portion and then move the food past arm’s length.Mindlessly eating pic


7. Rethink Thanksgiving: Maybe we just need to change our perspective of the holiday before we can change our behavior. We need to think of Thanksgiving dinner as just another meal, not different enough that we are mindless in our food and calorie consumption. You do not have to avoid good food. Eat slowly and with awareness.




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