Sweating and Weight Loss

Have you ever had a sweat filled workout and felt like you are already lighter?  Maybe when you step on the scale you are a pound lighter, this may not be due to weight loss. It is due to fluid loss. In other words, as soon as you hydrate yourself, your weight will return to the level it was prior to the start of your workout session. 

Proper hydration is very important when you are exercising. The general recommendation is to drink 16-24 oz of drink-water-picwater per pound lost during exercise. This is extremely important because dehydration can cause everything from muscle cramps to dizziness if not addressed in a quick manner.

Does sweating a lot mean you are burning more calories? Will it help you lose weight faster?

This is not exactly true either. Despite what some products and brands claim, sweat suits or heated yoga classes will not help you permanently drop pounds by increasing your sweat level alone. The calorie burn is not measured by the amount of sweat you shed during a workout but rather by the amount of intensity or effort you put into it. Tracking your perceived exertion level and measuring your heart rate during your workout is a much more accurate way to track your expenditure than by how much you have sweat.woman-sweating-after-workout-pic

If you do not get soaked during your workouts don’t “sweat it”! The amount each individual perspires  is all related to the amount of sweat glands you were born with. The average individual has anywhere between 2-4 million sweat glands. The functions of sweat are to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool.


Sweat is a great thing….It is your body’s cooling system but do not use it as your weight loss gauge. Breaking a sweat has more to do with genetics and temperature than the intensity of your workouts or the amount of calories you are burning.  For lasting weight loss, focus on a consistent, balanced work out plan and a healthy diet with the right caloric deficit.


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