Supporter of the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation 2015

What is the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation?Doughlass J Green Memorial Foundation

The Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation is an all volunteer, non-profit organization which was formed after the death of Douglas Green in Kandahar, Afghanistan on August 28, 2011. The foundation is dedicated to providing care packages to service members during their deployment. It also offers programs for veterans, parents, spouses and family members relating to PTSD and bereavement programs.

Suni Chabrow is the founder of this inspiring foundation that sends care packages to our military. Suni started the tradition of sending care packages to her son, Douglas Green, in Afghanistan when she learned of the circumstances he was living with on daily basis.  Quite often soldiers are in remote locations and do not get sufficient daily nourishment. At times they are only guaranteed one meal a day while facing extreme physical, mental and emotional challenges.  Kay Slauson, a dear, loyal and successful patient at Premier Physicians, met Suni Chabrow at her local cycling classes. As she heard more about different fundraisers to collect munchies to fill these care packages, she became more involved in helping this foundation. Knowing that these care packages brightened the day of these soldiers and was a little taste of home, was all the reason in the world for Kay’s involvement. Because of her respect and belief in this foundation, she began volunteering her time and donating her own money to help facilitate these fundraisers.  These care packages comfort those individuals that defend our freedom everyday. There could be no better feeling in Kay’s eyes.


My Involvement with the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation

By: Kay Slausonkayfinal (1)

I want to thank Dr. Trippi’s office for sponsoring me again this year to ride in the 2015 Freedom Ride. This is my second year in completing 24 hours. This year’s ride was at Desert Breeze Park beginning on Friday, September 11, 2015. Every dollar collected goes to the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation so they can send care packages overseas to the 50,000 + still deployed. This year over 600 care packages were sent to Afghanistan.  Most of these packages will be air dropped in remote locations. We all remember 9/11 but more importantly these packages show everyone deployed that they are not forgotten.
On a personal level, I still meet with Dr. Trippi on a regular basis. She is most helpful in keeping me focused on my food choices. This past year, I have been concentrating more on increasing my protein. I have limited my carbohydrates but have not really reduced my calories. My calories consist mostly of lean protein, including protein drinks, nuts, and edamame as a vegetable or a snack. I also include fresh fruit and steamed or raw vegetables. My body is leaner and I continue to lose body fat. One day a week, I cheat and eat cereal or another type of high carbohydrate food. My exercise routine includes boot camps, group training, and spin classes. Next year I will be 70 years old and I am looking forward to being lean and healthy and strong enough to ride for 24 hours in 2016.

Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness supports Kay Slauson in her involvement and dedication to the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation.

To learn more about the Douglas J. Green Memorial Foundation and how to donate, please visit

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