Do you Hate to Exercise? Here are 6 Easy Tips to Guide you into a Fitness Routine

Do you wish you were allergic to working out?

Truth be told, there are plenty of exercise haters out there. Here are some tips try and ease you into an exercise routine.

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1. Set Minimal/Achievable Goals

Good intentions sometimes lead to unrealistic plans. Try this, for a week, choose a certain number of days to work out and stick to it! Then start stretching it through the month. Exercising 15 to 16 days a month will do you a ton of good and it tallies up to be about every other day. If you aim for 15 but actually manage 20, you will feel great about how you have surpassed your original set goal.

2. Keep an Exercise/Workout Journal

Keep a daily journal as to whether or not you exercised. This can be either paper entries or online journaling. If you struggle with accountability, engage yourself with social pressures. Enlist some of your friends or some online workout peers to share your goal and report to on a daily or weekly basis. A great app for this is My Fitness Pal!My Fitness Pal Pic

3. Beware of your Willpower Draining

Sedentary tasks can drain the same willpower reserves that exercise taps. That is why forcing yourself to go jogging after sitting for several hours is more difficult even if you are not physically tired. Try to schedule your workouts for times when your willpower has not already been tested. It will be easier on the mind and body! 

4. Value the Initiation of the Workout Routine

As you exercise daily, it gradually becomes easier to sustain the practice. Making yourself workout even a few extra minutes one day means you are more likely to do it the next day, and the next day etc. Starting a new healthy habit is the most difficult part but the initial frustrations are temporary. Once the new habits are established they are near automatic.

5. Forget Failure – It is a Thing of the PastThink Positive Pic

Have an optimistic outlook. This will help you see that these mistakes are inevitable and not deal breakers. They are expected rites of passage on the journey of reaching your goal.

6. Utilize your Lifestyle

Tailor your workout to an established aspect of your life. If you are an involved parent, forms of exercise you may enjoy include family bike rides or coaching your child’s sports team. If you are an animal lover, add walking your dog into your fitness routine!


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