Gain Love Not Weight This Valentine's Day

 We all have heard about gaining love pounds when in a relationship. Most couples can get too comfortable and let the pounds creep on. But do singles really have an easier time keeping off the weight? Not when you are out with friends or on dates consuming high calorie drinks you are not!

 So this Valentine’s Day focus on FUN AND FOOD.

 Valentine’s Day has not only become a day famous for romance but it is also linked to sweets, drinking and large dinners. Here are some survival tips to a healthy V-Day!


Valentine’s Day is like the New Year’s Eve of relationships — a time to start fresh and renew your love, commitment, and passion for each other. It’s a time to let go of all those grudges, spats, and battles of the past year and look ahead to a year of greater intimacy.Valentines Day Couple Pic


  • Try Something New: Instead of going out to the usual romantic dinner why not try a cooking class with your partner in crime? Not only will you be moving around vs. sitting but you can eat as you go and gain some new ideas for dinners at home.
  • Keep the Romance Alive: Many restaurants have a Valentine’s Day Menu already created. While this can be a nice sampling, it may be overkill. Have one person order the pre-fixed menu and the other just order an entrée. Split the appetizer and dessert of the pre-fixed menu. You will not feel like you have overindulged or feel stuffed! Plus feeding each other dessert sounds pretty romantic!



Changing how you view Valentine’s Day and making it more about love (its original intention) than about romance can make a huge difference in how you respond to the holiday itself. Making this mental shift will also change how you feel about yourself. It’s really a win-win!Valentine Party Pic


  • Make it a Date Night with Friends: Gather a group of your friends together and try a tapas-style night out. Sharing small plates of great food and great conversation is what love and fun are all about.
  • Low Calorie Drinks: Keep those liquid calories in check. Skip the fruit juices and creamy drink options and stick to champagne cocktails or tonic with your liquor.
  • Eat the Office Treats: Valentine’s Day is an ok day to indulge in a few in office treats.  Choose the type of treat you want to sample, only have a few, and make sure it is AFTER lunch.


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