From Fat Kid to Healthy Woman: A Personal Journey

For all of her life, Diane Abeldt was the short, fat kid. She grew up needing special clothes to accommodate her size and with limitations on the activities that were enjoyable for her. Despite some issues with high From Fat Kid to Healthy Womanblood pressure, it never occurred to her to diet. She was overweight, she accepted it and so did the people in her life. Then, Abeldt had a few health scares, some big changes in her personal circumstances and decided it was finally time to do something about her weight. After some research, she discovered Premier Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness. With its help, Abeldt has lost 75 pounds and is living the active life she really didn’t know she was missing.“Of course, I had to commit to making a change in my life. Once I did, Premier and its professional staff helped me believe that I could take the healthy, positive steps I needed to lose weight safely and permanently.

They helped me understand I needed a new lifestyle that would be better than the one I had. That was the first step, but Premier has been with me absolutely all of the way with encouragement, support and perfect information for every stage of this journey,” Abeldt commented. She is convinced Premier’s comprehensive approach is key to her success. That’s because Premier addresses all of the factors in her life that contributed to her being overweight and gives her effective tools to deal with each of them. For example, Abeldt is a big sports fan and enjoys watching her favorite football team at a local bar. She’s still part of the action but now she knows what she can eat and drink to have fun and maintain her healthy weight. She has a special dinner out with her mother once a week but chooses the restaurant with care and knows exactly what she’ll order before she gets there. With Premier’s support, these new habits have simply become a part of her life.

Premier also has helped Abeldt to monitor and manage the medical issues involved in weight loss. Her blood pressure is stable, she no longer suffers from sleep apnea and the frequent headaches she used to endure are a thing of the past. The best part about her new life is the big increase in energy levels. “I went hiking in the mountains this past weekend,” she comments. “Never in my old life would hiking have been an option. I’ve found so many new things to enjoy and the old things, like bowling, are a lot better now. I even need to have my bowling ball re-drilled to fit my slimmer hands!”

For this football season, Abeldt ordered a new team shirt in women’s sizes, a first for her. No more men’s XXL to hide the extra pounds, now that she looks as good as she feels. She knows, though, that vigilance is key.

She wouldn’t think of missing her weekly weigh-in at Premier. Accountability, support and feedback are built into the Premier program. With its help, Diane has learned to tailor what she’s doing and where she’s going to her weight loss goals. “I guess I never thought that ‘fat kid’ me could be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. At my first appointment, Dr. Evensen told me that I could and pointed me along the way I needed to take. I have so much confidence in his team. I tell everyone that if I can do it, they can, too. And am I ever glad that I did.”

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