Butt-Busting Moves – 3 Exercises for a Toned Tush

Are you ready to wiggle in those shorts or in your bathing suit this summer?

Having a toned and lifted tush is of the utmost importance before sporting the latest swimsuit style.

If you are looking for a firm summer backside, give these 3 exercises a try!

Split Squatsplitsquat pic

This is a lunge with your back toe resting on an elevated surface. A higher surface will create a greater challenge. For beginners, start with something like the bottom of a flight of stairs with your back to the staircase. Place your back foot on the stair and adjust your supporting leg until you are in a proper lunge position.It is extremely important that the knee of the supporting leg does not cross over the toe. Be sure to execute correct form. A marker for the correct position is that the front leg should create a 90 degree angle in the lower position. The goal is 15 lunges on each side. You can perform this exercise using only body weight or hold dumb bells to make the exercise more challenging. For a total body workout,  get the other muscle groups involved by adding a front shoulder raise, shoulder press, or bicep curl to this exercise.

Kick Back & Fire Hydrant

Start on all fours, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Make sure you are lined up correctly. Keeping both legs at a 90 degree angle, flex one foot and kick your heel back and up. Do not straighten your leg. The image in your head should be that of kicking yourself in the back of the head while bending from the hip and keeping your leg at a right angle. Please do not really kick yourself in the head!  Bring your leg back into the starting position and , again keeping your supporting knee at a fixed right angle, raise your leg out to the side. This move resembles a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. Alternate between these 2 moves for a total of 15-20 reps on each side.  Really squeeze your butt cheek on the working side. Remember good form and keep the weight equal on both arms.

Kick Back pic

  Fire Hydrant pic

Squat Jump

Plyometrics is sure to get the blood flowing into the muscles and create some serious burning. You can do this with only your body weight or you can add some dumb bells to make it more challenging.  Start by squattingSquat jump picdown as low as you can keeping your knees behind. Instead of standing up from this position,  jump as high as you can. Once you land do not pause in the standing position, lower yourself immediately to the squat position. Do this movement until you cannot do it any longer! Get that heart rate up!

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