Burn More Calories on Your Walks

Is your daily walking workout challenging enough for you? It needs to be! In order to improve your fitness level and continue seeing results, you need to change up your routine to make the body work in new ways.  And yes, you can do this while sticking to your normal walking routine.

Here are some tips to try and increase the calorie burn and amp up your daily walk.


  1. Pick Up Your Pace

If you find yourself walking at the same pace on each and every walk, add some upbeat music or bring a friend on the walk that will motivate you to move quicker. Start doing this a couple days a week and build up to doing it on each walk. Use music to get your feet moving faster by using the beat of the music. Keep your steps short so that you can keep up.

walking on grass uphill pic

2. Uphill

If your regular workout is on flat terrain, you will notice an immediate cardio benefit by choosing a walking path that has some inclines.  If you cannot find any inclines outside, use a treadmill and incline anywhere between 7-15 percent for a portion of your walk.


3. Add Weight

Try throwing on a weighted vest on your next walk. This will add resistance to your center of gravity and up the intensity of your walk. Keep your chest up, shoulders back, and brace your abdominal muscles as you walk.


weighted vest pic

4. Interval Training

If you really want to power up your workout, change up the intensity by adding a few spurts of faster walking in between your normal pace. Use a watch to time yourself. After about a five minute warm-up, complete 30 seconds of super-fast power walking followed by one minute of regular walking as active recovery; continue this pattern for the duration of your walk.


5. New Terrain

Do you live near the beach or a grassy park? If so, get off that pavement and try a new terrain. This will be more challenging to the body. If you are always on the treadmill, try walking outside. Another great challenge is walking on the beach with your shoes off. Be prepared to feel those leg muscles burn.

There is a reason that walking is one of the most universal and beneficial forms of exercise. It is low impact and free! Give it a try!




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