Boost Your Metabolism – Tips and Myths

Ever Feel Like your Metabolism Needs a Jump Start? Here are 3 Science-Backed Tips that Can Help You Rev Up That Motor of a Metabolism as well as Some Metabolism Myths.


1. Daily Protein Goalsprotein enriched foods pic

High Quality Protein Enriched Sources will give you the amino acids that are needed post exercise to help muscles grow and repair. Try some lean meats, fish, low-fat cheese, beans, yogurt, nuts and seeds.

2. Add Strength Training Into Your Fitness Routine

Adding muscle mass increases your BMR, which is the biggest contributor to your overall metabolism. This will actually help you burn more calories even when you are not exercising.

3. Increase Your Workout Intensity

During aerobic activity pace yourself  fast enough to benefit from the after burn. This is a phenomenon where you burn extra calories after exercise.



1. Six Small Meals Daily Boosts the Metabolism

If the quantity and quality of the calories you are eating stay the same, then eating 6 small meals instead of 3 square meals will not boost your metabolism. The positive of eating 6 small meals a day is it helps control hunger while you are cutting back on your calorie intake. The con is it can be very easy to overindulge in calories.

2. Late Night Eating Will Cause Weight GainQuantity or quality pic

Your metabolism does slow down at night but your body can still handle the food you eat the same way. Focus on the calorie quantity and quality. Eat lightly at night.

3. Thinner = Higher Metabolism

This is False! Thinner people generally have a slower metabolism than people that are heavier.  Heavier individuals require a higher calorie intake in order to maintain their larger organs.

4. Green Tea Makes You Burn More Calories

Green tea contains catechins which are suppose to help burn fat. Several clinic trials suggest that drinking green tea may be beneficial to losing weight, the the results are small and inconsistent. Do not expect miraculous weight loss if you are drinking green tea, just drink it because you like it!



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