Benefits of Water – Weight Loss and More


Benefits of Water H2O


Water keeps your energy up, weight down, muscles strong, joints supple, digestive system smooth – Water keeps your whole system in physical balance.


Water and Male Bladder Cancer


Downing 11 glasses of fluid a day, the bulk of them WATER,  may keep male bladder cancer away, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The research, led by a team of doctors at Harvard and Ohio State, found that men who drink at least six glasses of plain old H2O daily have half the risk of those who have less than one glass of water a day, regardless of what else they drink.


Water and Workouts


Which is best:  Drinking water before, during or right after exercise? Actually, all three say experts. Whether you are heading off for a morning walk or a vigorous tennis match, drink a tall glass of water first. Then try to take water breaks (even just a sip or two) about every 10 minutes during your workout. The more vigorous your exercise, the more water you’ll need. Afterward, aim for two more glasses, especially if you have been active enough to break a sweat.


Here are some other benefits of water in your diet:Water_Glass


* Reduces Hunger


* Helps relieve headache


* Helps replenish skin tissues


* Increase skin elasticity


*Helps brain work better


* Flushes sown the by-product of fat breakdown


* Regulated body temperature


* Helps metabolism


* Keeps joint and muscles lubricated


* Flushes out toxins


* Helps fight the flu


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