Back to School Healthy Check List

Getting your kids ready to begin the new school year involves safeguarding their health, in addition to finding the perfect backpack. Here are some tips to help get your children physically ready for the challenges of heading back to school.

1. Proper Hand Washing – Sing a Songkids washing hands with soap

The most effective way to avoid spreading or catching germs is to encourage hand washing. To make sure your children are spending the correct amount of time washing their hands, ask them to sing “Happy Birthday to You”as they wash the fronts and backs of their hands and in between their fingers. A simple soap and water for cleansing is best but if it is not available a hand sanitizer will do the job. Teach your children to cough or sneeze into the crooks of their elbows so they are less likely to spread germs in the classroom.

2. Check-Ups

An annual physical is recommended for all children to unsure your child is virus-free.  In many schools, a physical is required for students who want to participate in school sports such as football. Some states also require a vision exam for students entering kindergarten.

3. ImmunizationsChild immunization pics

Make sure your child is current on all important vaccines. Every state requires certain vaccinations at different grade levels for children attending public school. Some schools will not allow children to attend without the verification of the immunizations. Flu vaccines are highly recommended for all children of school attending age, unless the child has an allergy or health issue the would cause complications with the vaccine.

4. Good Nutrition

Childhood obesity is on the rise and with it a great health risk. Make sure your kids are eating proper meals with proper nutrients.  This includes breakfast. Students who eat breakfast vs. those who do not are more alert in their classes. The right foods combined with proper rest will help their bodies fight off infections easier. If your child is suffering with childhood obesity, please visit

5. Routine

A week before school begins, shift your kids summer sleep schedule to bedtime hours that are similar to those during the school year. Cut down on computer games and TV watching and replace it with reading a book an hour before bedtime.

6. Check for Head Lice

Mother treating daughter's hair against lice

Stress the importance to your child of not sharing combs, hats, clothes, and always make sure your child has their own pillow at sleepovers.  Do a visual check on your child at least once a week, particularly for younger children.


7. Attack of the Allergens

New school years coincide with the new allergy season. Children that suffer from allergies really feel it in a school where dust mites, mold, and other allergens may flourish. This may mean sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. For others, it could become more serious and trigger asthma or sinus infections.  If your child suffers from food allergies, make sure you discuss this with the school nurse and cafeteria workers. This will help with any confusion or concerns right off the bat!


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