Avoiding Exercise Burnouts – Beginners

Are you just getting started with your workout program? Chances are you are highly motivated and you are excited about the potential results. In all this excitement, there is one thing that you must be very careful about and that is risking a burnout.  Sometimes beginners are just a little too motivated and end up pushing themselves too far.

How can you make sure that you do not wind up burning yourself out and sustain your workout program for the months and years ahead? Here are three tips to help you out:


Mix Gym and Fun SessionsVolleyball pic

It should never be all work and no play. It is vital that you are spending time with some enjoyment.  This will also decrease your chances of a burnout. Once or twice a week, trade your normal gym session with a fun workout outside of the gym. Go walk in the park, play volleyball or go swimming. If it is fun, it does not seem like exercise. These sessions will also help revitalize you so that when you do go back to the gym, you are feeling mentally fresh.

Vary the Intensity of the Workout

Remember, not every workout has to be performed with great intensity. It is best to keep only 1-2 intense workouts in your schedule each week until you are at an intermediate level. When you are first starting out, you need to keep most sessions at the low to moderate intensity as your body adapts to exercising. A couple times a week push the barrier a bit and increase how hard you are working out, but be sure to back down the next day.


Listen to Your BodyListen to your body pic 2

Never neglect what your body is telling you. Many beginners have not mastered the skill of tuning into themselves and adjusting their workouts accordingly. Sometimes it OK to push your body in a workout when you are feeling moderate fatigue, but sometimes it is not wise. There are times when pushing your body will only lead to injury, increase fatigue and create the downward spiral to a burnout.

Having a burnout is a very real and serious thing. It is really possible to be too motivated, so be sure that you are keeping tabs on how you feel your body is progressing and adjust the workouts accordingly. No workout is set in stone. The best workouts are the workouts that adapt to your own changing needs.


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