Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Healthy Dieting

There are various popular diets that promise you a “quick fix”. These fad diets often set you up for failure and are not the solution. Here are some guidelines as to why these diets do not work and do not promote a healthy lifestyle change that is necessary for permanent weight loss and maintenance.

  • You Lose Weight but Cannot Keep it Off. Diets that restrict certain foods, severely cut calories, or rely on pre-packaged/ready-made meals might work in the short term but they do not contain the behavioral Pre-packaged diet meals picmodifications needed to maintain weight loss and healthy living. In short, the pounds will quickly come back.


  • You Feel Deprived. Diets that cut out main food groups, such as fat and carbs, are impractical and not healthy. The key is moderation.


  • You Cheat on your Diet and are too Discouraged to Start Over. When you are on a diet that makes you feel deprived, it is easy to fall off the wagon. Healthy eating is all about the big picture and an occasional splurge will not kill all the efforts you have made.


  • After Dieting, Weight Gain Comes More Rapidly. When you are following a diet that drastically restricts your food intake, your metabolism will temporarily slow down. Once you start to eat normally, you will gain weight until your metabolism bounces back.


Women Dining

  • Dining Out? Because you are on a fad diet, you do not know how to eat without your specific diet plan handy or your meal all ready made exactly for you based on that diet’s protocol. This is not teaching you the skills you need in day to day eating.


  • You Lose Money Faster than the Actual Weight. Special diet meals, shakes and programs are not only expensive, but they are not practical for long-term weight loss.


  • Why haven’t you Lost 30 Pounds like the Person on the Commercial. Diet companies make a lot of grand promises, but they are simply unrealistic.



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