Are You Eating Your Feelings?

Getting emotional eating under control can make a difference not only in your weight, but it can lead to a greater sense of peace about food, body image and related issues. How can you stop eating your emotions? The first step is pausing and asking yourself if you are really hungry.

Part of learning how to stop eating your emotions means investing the time to stop and assess yourself. Before grabbing something to eat, pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry”? Take a moment to decide if the feeling is truly hunger or if it is something else. If it is really hunger, prepare a meal or snack that is suitable for the time of day and the amount of hunger you are experiencing.

If during the pause you realize the feeling of hunger is coming from somewhere else such as anxiety, boredom, fatigue or loneliness, take action based on that emotion. Go for a walk, write a letter or create something. If you are feeling anxious, make a to do list so that checking off things will feel pleasing.


Three Tips to Stop Eating Your Emotions


  1. No All or Nothing ThinkingWoman stressed about pic

Emotional eating is often the result of not feeling good enough or that we have already ruined our day by eating a poor choice. Avoid this destructive thought process. Healthy eating is not perfect eating, and perfect eating is not healthy eating. No one is “PERFECT” with eating, so do not let one moment or one day of careless eating affect all your eating choices. Each day is a new chance to nourish your body and develop better awareness to feelings of hunger, satisfaction and fullness.

2. Mindful Eating

Drink a glass of water. Sometimes when you think that you feel a little hungry, it is actually thirst setting in. Try not to eat while distracted doing such things as driving, watching TV or working on the computer. Make decisions about what you are going to eat while you are at the grocery store rather than in your kitchen being distracted by processed foods lurking in the pantry. When you sit down to eat your meal be present in that moment. Enjoy the texture, taste, smell and sight of the food as well as the company around it.

3. Supportreaching out to loved ones pic

Do not be afraid to ask for help if you feel like your emotional eating has gotten out of control. Reach out to your loved ones and explain it in terms they can understand so they can support you. Also, consider discussing these food struggles with a professional who has the training and knowledge to help you specifically with emotional eating issues. You need to remember to be compassionate and kind to yourself, and remember to take that important pause before eating. Listen and trust in your body. Honor your body by doing what it is telling you to do.

Improving your relationship with food takes a bit of practice. This makes it OK to not have immediate results. Learn from your struggles and celebrate your successes as you continue on your journey making the necessary improvements along the way.




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