A Few Different Ways You Could Be Stalling Your Weight Loss

There is an overwhelming amount of nutritional information online. How is the normal person suppose to identify the difference between the new hot fad diets and science based nutritional advise? Below is a list of the most common dieting blunders of the normal person. Are you guilty?

Starving and Then Bingeing

People will try and not eat much of anything the first half of the day and then spend the second half binging. They do not understand why they eat so much at night. The solution is to eat an adequate amount of protein-rich meals and snacks. And do not skip breakfast!starving pic


Not Eating Enough Calories

Dieters commonly think they need to consume less and less calories.  This does not work because at some point in the day, your intake becomes too low. It is different for each person, but typically the body will get used living on such a small amount of calories and go into starvation mode. Your body will be just trying to survive.


Not Eating Protein for Breakfast

Many people like to skip breakfast or have a granola bar. Making this kind of mistake will just make you hungry faster. Instead try a egg or egg whites with a side of Greek yogurt.

scrambled egg whites pic


Stay Away from the Smoothies

Not all smoothies are created equal. Most will do more harm than good. Most of these little delights carry loads of sugar and calories. It is important to read the labels and make sure you are not packing all your calories in for the day on one beverage. It is best just to stay away from them.


Aways trying the Latest and Greatest Fad Diet

People tend to jump from one fad diet to the next without understanding the the diet and if it will work with their lifestyle. What people need to do is spend sometime getting to know their own body and how it reacts to certain foods and dietary patterns. The more nutritional science is known and applied to the individual and their own needs,  the more successful the lifestyle change will be.


No More Processed Foods

Many people rely on the unhealthy “healthy foods”. Fat and calories are not the enemy! It is great to see someone eating natural and whole foods versus fat-free processed food that is loaded with chemicals. Eat real food.


Nutritious Carb are a Yes!

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.

Right away when you start your dieting routine you cut out carbs. Get your carbs from green vegetables rather than starchy vegetables and fruit.


Stop Snacking on Low Cal Snacks at Night

When some individuals are trying to lose weight they stock their pantries and freezers up with skinny snacks. They are the pre-packaged snacks like 100 calorie bags of popcorn. These snacks are quite pricey  and often exceed the serving size.  Save your hard earned money and start getting adjusted to not snacking at night. If you have to, grab some carrots or vegetables to hold you over until morning.


Pack a Snack

Pack healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, and Greek yogurt to avoiding hitting the vending machine at work.  Just remember, even healthy snacks have calories so portion out your snacks.


Focus on your Food

Try not to multi-task while eating. The stomach sends subtle messages to the brain to stop feeding it. This message can be easily missed if your mind is wondering off onto other tasks. Turn off the TV, put away the phone, and focus on the food.  You will enjoy the food more, feel more satisfied, and most likely end up eating less.


no not multitask when eating pic

Do Not Assume Gluten-Free Means Healthy

Many people stick to a gluten-free diet because they think that gluten will make them fat. More often than not, gluten -free products are loaded with more additives, preservatives,  salt, sugar, fat or calories than the similar product that includes gluten. This is not necessarily the best choice for weight loss or management. Start eating whole grains that are high in fiber and protein and worry less about the gluten unless you have a sensitivity or allergy.


Do Not Be So Hard on Yourself

It is not all or nothing…. This attitude can set you up for failure when faced with temptation.  This attitude will also not allow you to snap back into the weight loss routine but rather set you up for long stretches of unhealthy thinking and eating.




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