6 Ways to Spice up your Fitness Routine

Are you bored with your current exercise routine? Do you dread walking the same path around your neighborhood or hitting the treadmill?

Doing the same thing each and every day can zap your motivation. Exercise should be fun and invigorating. If it is not, then it is probably time for a fitness makeover. A fitness makeover is simple and fun. All you have to do is find different ways to get your muscles working and your heart pumping. Here are 6 ideas you can try:

* Get a partner. Everything is more fun when you do it with someone else! Exercising with a partner increases your accountability. Let’s face it, you are less likely to break an exercise date if you know someone is walking trail piccounting on you. Enlist your friend, spouse, or neighbor to work out together. Pick each other up for the gym, lift weights together, or go for for a walk. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are moving!

* Sign up for a class. If you are used to working out alone, a workout class will make exercise exciting for you! The music is upbeat, other individuals in the class will motivate you to push yourself, and the instructor is there to guide you and correct your form. Check out what classes are offered at your gym, local park, or local community center

* Walk to a library or DVD section of a local business and browse the work out section. There are many types of workout videos available. Anything from dance, pilates, step aerobics, kick boxing, to bootcamps. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, you can try these videos in the comfort of your home, return them, or borrow new ones to keep the variety up on your workouts.

*Explore and adventure. Give the parks department a call to locate the beautiful walking or bike trails located near you. Also, see what kind of walking tours are available.two-women-dancing-0411-298x232 pic

*Dress the Part. This may sound silly, but a new workout outfit can freshen up your fitness routine. The right workout shoes can make all the difference, so do not feel bad treating yourself to a new pair.

*Kick up your heels on the dance floor. Go out with some friends and dance the night away. You can burn around 300 calories an hour by dancing fast or line dancing. Or just turn on some music in your living room and dance to get your heart rate up. It will help you stay fit and it is fun.


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