5 Tips to Staying Fit at the Workplace

If you are a 9-5 office worker you probably understand firsthand the sore back, tired eyes, cramping legs, and poor posture the office environment can cause.  Do you ever feel like 30 minutes of workout time is just not enough to balance out an entire day of sitting? These fit tips are easy to do at the office and will become healthy habits if you put in the effort.

1. Take the Stairs Instead of the ElevatorTake the stairs pic

Swapping the elevator for the stairs is a health-conscience decision and it is better for the environment. According to research presented by Nature.org, taking an elevator may require the mining of fossil fuel or uranium which will not help reduce your carbon footprint. Taking the stairs will save electricity and your will be presently surprised how toned your legs and buns will become!

2. Walk Around the Block

If you start feeling a little antsy, take a stroll around the block and even grab lunch while you are walking instead of jumping in the car. Ladies, just make sure you bring a pair of flats for these little office getaways.

3. Stretch at your Deskshoulder shrug pics

According to WebMD, staying still is one of the worst things you can do for the body. It is hard on the muscles, joints and bones!  Each hour take the time to do some simple stretches at your desk.  Shrug your shoulders to release your neck muscles, make air circles with your hands to stretch the wrists, and stand up and sit down with no hands multiple times to burn off calories.

4. Sit up Straight

Improving your posture is actually pretty easy!  Each hour squeeze your shoulder blades together to help pull your spines upward. A chair back pad or a pillow at the back of the head will help keep the lower back straight.

5. Use a BallSitting-ball pic

When you feel like you have been slouching at the office, take turns with other office staff sitting on a workout ball instead of your office chair. Also, using a stool instead of a chair will force you to sit up straight and keep two feet on the floor.  This also gives you a little ab workout. Who does not want a little more tone in their tummy?  Sitting on an exercise ball keeps the blood flowing and can improve circulation.

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