5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

Weight loss can be a tricky journey. We all know that the basic rule to losing weight is to consume less calories,

but sometimes even when you are doing all the right things, weight loss can come to a screeching halt.

Things happen in life for a number of reasons, but more often than not it comes down to something that requires a serious lifestyle change to fix. Here are 5 common reasons that you may not be losing the weight you desire.

  1. Drink More Waterdrink more water pic

There are many health benefits to drinking water, one of which is proper kidney function. Dehydration impairs your kidneys and when your kidneys are not working properly your liver has to pick up the slack. Your liver is responsible for the metabolism of fat. So when you are dehydrated your liver cannot metabolize as efficiently and has to work twice as hard to remove toxins.


2. Stress

Stress is commonly known as the silent killer, this is especially true when it come to weight loss. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol degrades muscle tissue and encourages the storage of body fat. It has also been linked to other health issues that are a lot more serious than a few extra pounds around your waist.

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to make a serious effort to reduce your stress levels. This is much easier said than done! Try surrounding yourself with positive people, limit the length of your workouts to 45 minutes, meditate, and get plenty of sleep.


3.  Get More Sleep

When you have the proper amount of rest your cortisol levels become reduced and also produce a growth hormone. The growth hormone has the opposite effect of cortisol on the body. It encourages fat loss, keeps your organs functioning properly and supports your immune system.get more sleep pic

Sleep also balances the hormones that control hunger. If you have ever gone to bed hungry and woken up the next morning not hungry, this is why. On the flip side of this scenario, if you miss a night’s sleep you are likely to eat more calories the next day. This does vary from person to person. Most individuals should aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


4. Poor Digestion

The human gut is incredibly complicated. But one thing is clear: whether you want to boost your immune system, lose fat, clear up skin or just feel better on a daily basis, it all starts with gut health. Unfortunately, most people do not realize their gut is not functioning properly until it is too late. Here are some steps that can be taken to help prevent malfunctions: eat fewer meals, reduce stress, or even consider periods of fasting to give your digestive system a break. You may want to also limit the consumption of grains, legumes, pastured dairy and sugar. You should also chew your food until it is mush in your mouth before swallowing.


5. Eat More Fiber

Fiber is a huge tool in digestive health. It helps to create a sense of fullness, which makes consuming fewer calories easier. It is estimated that only 5% of Americans get enough fiber. Most of us assume we getting enough fiber based on eating grain-based products like bread or cereal. The reality of this is that these highly processed foods have been stripped of their nutrients and fiber. Instead eat more fruit and veggies and opt for whole grains such as brown rice and steal cut oatmeal.


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