5 Natural Appetite Suppressants: Lose those Unwanted Pounds

When it comes to dropping those unwanted pounds, snacking tends to be the most common downfall. Most individuals cannot recognize when they are hungry vs. when they snack due to pure boredom. There are several healthy natural options that are low in calories and can keep you feeling full.

Check out these 5 healthy natural appetite suppressants that can help ward off hunger.

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COFFEEcoffee pic

Drinking coffee suppresses your appetite by giving a boost to your metabolism. Coffee is a low calorie beverage, as long as you do not ruin it by adding cream and sugar.


Research has shown that the smell of dark chocolate alone can suppress the appetite. Even better news about dark chocolate is that eating it has its benefits as well. Eating 30g of dark chocolate that contains at least 85% cocoa will alter certain gastrointestinal hormones that control appetite..

CINNAMONcinnamon picAvocado pic

The US Department of Agriculture provided research that found that cinnamon can help control post-meal insulin spikes. These spikes make you feel hungry when you are not.


The oleic acid in an avocado has shown to activate the area of the brain that increases the feelings of satisfaction and fullness. Just be sure that you are eating these delicious morsels in moderation.

EGGSegg pic

Eggs are high in protein which also makes you feel fuller longer. Research has shown in a breakfast battle of eggs vs. bagels, eggs always win! Those that ate the eggs felt more satisfied throughout the entire day and ate less at each following meal.


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