4 Exercise Myths

There are many different opinions and recommendations about the best way to get into shape.If you have not found ways to improve your fitness quite yet, here are a few ideas:

Not Just About Cardio

You will lose more weight more quickly by adding strength training to your cardio routine. Add in some resistance training, this will give your body definition which will result in a better body shape. The Journal of Applied resistance-bands-workouts-1Physiology performed a study in 2012 that had one group perform only aerobic exercise, one group only perform resistance training and one group perform a combination of both types of exercises. The group that performed the aerobic and the group that performed the combination of exercises lost more weight that the group that only performed resistance training.  Cardio exercise does help you burn calories faster than resistance training but the combination of both will help you obtain faster and longer lasting results.

Sticking to a Morning Workout Schedule

The best time to actually work out is when you have the time to do it! While there are benefits to working out in the morning , exercising in the evening has it’s benefits as well.  What is more important is not necessarily the time of day you perform your workouts but rather the consistency of your workouts.

Do Not Suffer Through Your Workouts2d274905761806-workout-injury-636-today-inline-large

Workouts do not have to be painful. Training that is too intense can lead to knee injuries, shoulder injuries and back pain. You need to stick with a workout routine that suites your current fitness level and ability. If your current exercise plan is leaving you feeling awful after, you may be doing more harm than good. By becoming exhausted after a workout, you may burn fewer calories the rest of your day.

Finding the right fitness routine involves discovering movement that motivates and challenges the body to the appropriate level. A little muscle soreness is normal. Not being able to walk the next day is not normal. A workout that you enjoy becomes something that you look forward to in your daily life. It also makes it easier to stick with long term and to keep results.

You Do Not Have to Look Like a Model to be Healthy

Do not let all those advertisements that show rock hard abs and chiseled arms fool you into thinking you are not healthy or in shape. Many models look amazing but are destroying their bodies with unhealthy dieting or obsessive exercising. That does not mean to say that anyone with rock hard abs is unhealthy but there should not be a vain standard by which we judge whether or not someone is fit.

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